James Deaves @DeaviousUK
James Deaves
Sheffield & Birmingham Based Digital Designer
Creating Designs For Both Freelance & Fun
+44 7872 177126
I’m a Sheffield/Birmingham based programmer and digital designer, creating original work for both freelance and fun. 
Originally born in Birmingham, I started my days working in a pet shop at 15, glamorous I know!  Later I decided to take design, music tech, media and film at Cadbury collage (Whilst still living the dream, earning coin in the pet shop, whoop whoop!) After making furniture, slap bass funk and the “best/worst” Guy Ritchie homage film during my time there, I passed! (Yes, the film is on YouTube and no, it has not aged well.) 
I then moved to Sheffield to attend Hallam University to complete a furniture design degree whilst working in bars in my spare time.  Like most people that move to Sheffield, I never left, however with family in Birmingham I do move between the cities.   
Currently I work full time at Capita (for the last 12 years) as an application programmer and take great pride in my ability to collaborate, problem solve, and create quality work which has highlighted my design expertise. This has allowed me to progress within Capita and also pursue extracurricular freelance and personal projects.
This site is to showcase some of my work.  
Hope you like @DeaviousUK! 
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